KATE Kamakura's Analytic Tools for Excel

KATE moved to an off-campus home!  You will find the newest KATE at 

This academic home is not being updated anymore and will be abandoned soon (when I retire)! Please download KATE from the new site

This FREE suite of Excel add-ins contains a collection of analytic tools I developed over the years for instructional purposes.  These add-ins are now bundled under a single menu in Excel Add-Ins tab.  This version of the suite works with Office 2010 or newer. If you have Office 2007 or older, you can still install the older, independent Add-Ins. In this new suite you will find the following tools, which work with data of reasonable sizes for instructional purposes:

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How to Install Kamakura's Analytic Tools for Excel
  1. CLICK HERE to download an older version of the zip archive. For the latest (FREE) update, visit
  2. Unzip the archive into its own folder on your PC (call it anything you want, but remember it so you can unistall later!).  IMPORTANT: Only delete or rename this folder after running the Uninstall file.
  3. Read the Readme.pdf document to learn more about the tools and how to proceed with the installation, or even better, watch the Installation Video on YouTube.  Follow the directions closely; Excel is pretty finicky about Add-In installations.
  4. Double-click Install Kamakura Analytic Tools to install the suite
  5. Try the examples included in the installation package
  6. Make sure to use Uninstall Kamakura Analytic Tools to uninstall the suite, so you won't leave unattended trash behind.
  7. Please let me know ( if you have any trouble installing or using my tools; I will only know there is a problem if I hear from users (the tools work fine on my machines...)


If you don't see Kamakura Analytic Tools under the AddIns menu (or don't even see Addins), your Excel must be blocking macros from external sources.  Then, you need to follow a couple of extra steps. 

First, close Excel and find out where you stored the Kamakura Analytic Tooks 2010.xlam file (make sure you get the correct one!).  

Right click the Kamakura Analytic Tooks 2010.xlam file, and you will see something like the figure below:
Unblock acro 1

Then click on Properties and you will see something like the figure below:
Unblock macro 2

Click Unblock and OK, and you should be ready to go. Now open the Kamakura Analytic Example.xlsx file and you should see Kamakura Analytic Tools under the Addins menu.

Foreign Languages

If you are using a version of Office in a language other than English, you may receive an error message during installation indicating that some files necessary for installation were not found.  Here is one example (in Portuguese):Files not found message

This may happen if these files are named in a language other than English.  If that's the case, you will need to edit the "Install Kamakura Analytic Tools. xlsm" file to replace the English names  for Analysis ToolPak and for
Analysis ToolPak - VBA with their translated names.  Make sure that you also edit the "Uninstall" file so you can uninstall the tools when you don't need them anymore..

Data used in tutorials