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Wagner A. Kamakura
Jesse H. Jones Professor of Marketing
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin, 1983

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Welcome to my personal page

Here you can see more of my research and the analytical tools I developed for teaching purposes.

Or you can get my papers and articles from GoogleScholar, SSRN or ResGate

Kamakura's logo   <= My FREE Analytic Tools for Excel
  are now combined into a single suite,
  which runs on Office 2010 or newer

My free Analytic Tools for Excel now include a simple text-mining and display tool - WordMap, which will "mine" the text from multiple documents for "nuggets" of meaning, and display them in a  map that represents not only frequency, but also adjacency of the words in the original documents.  Contrary to other word clouds, WordMap represents affinity among words with proximity in the map.

Agora WordMap também processa documentos em Português!  Os mesmos processos de processamento de textos foram implementados na lingua Portuguêsa.

Ahora WordMap también procesa documentos en español! Los mismos procesos de minería de textos se implementaron en la lengua española.

So, what exactly is a WordMap?  Here are two WordMaps representing the content of the songs by Taylor Swift and Randy Travis (after automatically mining the lyrics for "nuggets" of content):
Taylor SwiftRandy Travisd
The size of the font represents how frequently a word appears in the documents (songs).  Words than tend to appear in the same song are positioned closer to each other, while words that are rarely used in the same song are placed farther from each other (of course, some "artistic license" is taken to avoid overlaps...).  Can you see any difference between the two song-writers?  Who is more religious?

Here are some WordMaps from Donald Trump's most influential (most re-Tweeted) Tweets during the primaries, as the nominee from the GOP and as President:

Trump @ PrimariesTrunp NomineeTrump President
On a more business-related context, here are the WordMaps for customer reviews of hotels in Manhattan from one travel site, for business and family travelers:

Manhattan BusinessManhattan business
Don't like my WordMaps?  Why don't you produce your own?  If you have the text of multiple documents, my WordMap tool for Excel will automatically produce (hopefully more interesting) maps like those above.  You may download it here.

Here's some of the research I have done in Brazil

Brazilian Book  <= click here for details on my book (in Portuguese)
  about socioeonomic class and consumption in Brazil.


Quer saber como o Aécio Neves perdeu as eleições de 2014 para a Dilma Roussef (com uma boa ajuda da Marina Silva)?

Clique aqui para baixar uma cópia do meu artigo publicado na Revista de Administração Contemporânea.
Ou veja com os seus próprios olhos nos mapas eleitorais, clicando abaixo.

Mapa Eleitoral <= Clique aqui para baixar (e mapear, se voce usar Excel 2016)
     os resultados das eleições presidenciais de 2014 por distrito eleitoral.

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       para cada CEP residencial do Brasil

Classe C icon <= clique aqui para baixar uma planilha com a população de cada CEP
      por classe socioeconômica